LKC Network

A free, custom Nintendo Wii/DS Network server.
Maintained by Adamaq01 from LKC.

About LKC DWC Network

LKC DWC Network is an alternative to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service for playing online on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS systems. It uses the DWC Network Server Emulator from polaris-

You can use it from a Wii, the vWii system of a WiiU, a Nintendo DS family console and even from emulators like Dolphin or DeSmuME.

Look here for a list of supported games: Games Compatibility

How to use it

Firstly, you have to download a patcher, to change the WFC server domain name of your ISOs game files


Download ISO Patcher

Contact Adamaq01 (Owner of the server)

(Don't spam me please xd)